Vintage Truck Purveyors USA is where classic hard-to-find vehicles come back to life in America.
Piaggio Apes and other classic vehicles are sourced, restored, and can be completely customized to meet the need of your business.
From Prosecco or coffee bars to marketing and flower trucks we can take any vehicle and bring it back to life for your business.
Our family started a new business with a purchase of a 1971 VW Type 2 that we transformed into a custom photo booth which we named Poppy, With its nostalgic charm, the photo booth was more popular than we could have imagined and we were happy to experience the success of consistent bookings for weddings, graduations, fundraisers, etc.

Our love of vintage vehicles quickly grew and we soon made room for a second one in our garage which was a mid 80’s Piaggio Ape. We restored and customized this former bread delivery truck from Italy and converted it into a Prosecco truck named Blue Bell, or the Roving Bar.

Visit and for details and pictures of Poppy and Blue Bell.
The attention and notoriety that the Roving Bar received was fantastic and overwhelming. Whether people were hosting weddings, corporate events, birthday parties or block parties, everyone wanted to have the Roving Bar at their event. Philly Mag also noted this success and featured the Roving Bar in several articles.

The success and popularity of our ape inspired us to expand the business to provide an avenue for others to realize the positive impact that this tiny ape could have on their ventures.
Vintage Truck Purveyors USA has been formed to help anyone start or add on to their business.