Prosecco/Beer Bar

Are you a wedding planner, caterer, or own a venue? Or do you want to get into the huge wedding industry but your not sure where to start? Owning your own Prosecco bar is a great investment to help start a new business or grow an existing one.

Do you own a Craft Brewery? Convert one of our trucks into your own, unique dispensary while engaging an uncommon marketing strategy. We will incorporate your logo and colors on the ape and fit it with up to six taps.

Show Place for Your Business

Perfect for trade shows and conventions to help you stand out among all the other displays.

The charm and customization of an Ape can make it the perfect fit for any business.

The portability of the Ape provides limitless possibilities for business venues.

Mobile Business

Coffee Bar



Ice Cream


The list goes on and on!!! With weekend fairs and special events happening in every city, you can have a vehicle that not only gets you into the food truck business, but it also distinguishes you from all the other vendors.

Join the Roving Bar Team

Operate your own Roving Bar in a protected territory

We have a central website and media presence that will help fast track your business.

Roving Bar Numbers

We purchased and customized our own Ape as a prosecco and beer bar.  We placed our Ape in service on August 1, 2018.


Six months inquires


Six months bookings


Annualized bookings


Net earnings per hour

RevenueExpensesNet Income
6 months$27,565$2,001$25,564

We purchased and customized our own Ape as a prosecco and beer bar.  We placed our Ape in service on August 1 20018.

Our 6-month actual results and our 12 month projected amounts are presented below.

While our roving bar is owner operated, a viable option would be to hire servers which would reduce the number of hours of owner involvement. These results are shown below as the alternative net income.

We could have closed a significant higher number of inquires if we had accepted slightly lower pricing and if we had wanted to take more time away from our young children on weekends. We believe that someone could book as many as 96 events per year resulting in over $100,000 in revenue.

In summary, in less then six months we earned enough money to pay for the purchase of the Ape and by year end we will have doubled our money.

The Roving Bar Marketing Strategy

The power of the ape!

The Deciding on whether or not to start the Roving Bar was an easy decision for us. One look at what these apes can be transformed into was enough for us to jump in with two feet. The same can be said for how easy it’s been to book events for the bar. Brides, grooms, companies, and planners can’t get enough of the distinctive vehicle. We started with a couple photoshoots to show the character and possibilities of the truck which helped us get off the ground. From there, every event was a huge marketing occasion! Magazines wanted to run articles, free articles, on the bar. Bloggers and influencers wanted to post the bar all over Instagram and in six months we have spent $0 on marketing while receiving hundreds of inquiries, thousands of dollars in bookings, and interest from all over the East Coast!